Ocean Wakes the Droplet

My bed is a nocturnal typhoon.

Sheets crest and crash,

Humpback pillows breach and dive as

The Restlessness,

unrelenting for hours,

beckons, stirs, and disrupts sleep.

Ignore, endure or medicate it?

Last night I chose to listen


The Restlessness finally spoke:

Here to do and be transformative.

Break through.

This energy has visited for decades,

Dissipated in younger years through online binges,

Or nights out with friends,

Or trysts with strangers.

No breakthroughs. No transformation.

Now it calls again with

Urgency, power, aliveness, with a spiritual


Life breaks through me

as Golden Light,

without origin or endpoint,

coursing nightly through my veins.

It won’t let me be

until I am broken into shards of Love,

expanding ever outward from the

Big Bang of my ruptured soul.

The Light of the World,

The mirrored Sun,

Engraves its glistening orb

into my briny, reflective seashore.

I must glow.

Courageous Spirit

dares to appear as this vulnerable, flawed person,


What has been in me,

Has been me, all along.

In the world, yet not of it…yet of it,

I am the Pupating Universe,

unshackled and unafraid.

I am Jesus, Shiva, Mary, and Buddha

in this body, without apology

to anyone who will not understand.

When the droplet relaxes into its

Ocean-ness, the storm relents.

Fully awake,

Now I can rest.