Connecting, Healing, Educating, Integrating, Awakening

Welcome! Thank you for visiting. I hope this website will engage you in conversation, inspire creativity, evoke a sense of wonder, stimulate curiosity, bring a playful smile or a tear to your face, and become an enjoyable space to hang out, like a virtual neighborhood coffee shop.

I facilitate wholeness for people committed to coming fully alive, especially youngish adults, seminarians, the LGBTQ community, and spiritual seekers, whether or not they affiliate with any faith.

My path started at a conservative church in which I was ordained as a minister.  When my views expanded beyond the theology I had been taught, I returned to school and graduated with an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. I became an educator and spiritual director at an interfaith spirituality center that is part of a healthcare network. Since moving to California, I have completed certificate programs in interfaith spiritual direction, supervision of spiritual directors, and hypnotherapy and have transferred my ordination to an interfaith community, The Chaplaincy Institute. I also serve as Executive Director of the Marin Interfaith Council, a local nonprofit that celebrates faith, advocates justice and builds community. 

I am particularly interested in how we can become more whole, happy, and awaret in a way that enhances our relationships, communities, and the planet. Of course, this is the work of a lifetime. No one can do this work perfectly or alone, nor can anyone hope to remain authentic during the process without a sense of humor and humility. My hope is that through this online community we will make some progress as we reflect, connect, laugh, heal, and create together. I invite you to explore the topics listed in the right-hand navigation and add your comments, questions, and creative responses to any posting.

My intention is that we engage each other with an open mind, an open heart, and a willing spirit to be awakened and liberated, so that, more fully alive, we become what the world needs. We become what we've been waiting for.