What is emerging within you that just can't ignore any longer? What stirs your heart and stimulates your mind and makes you feel most alive? How do you meditate, pray or reflect on your life in a way that brings greater clarity and wholeness? How do you sense the movement in your life of the divine, Life, Source, God, or whatever you call the Essence of who we and from which we came and to which we return after we die? If you've had a spiritual awakening or have finally come to your senses in a new way, how do you translate that into the way you live at home and at work? These are just a few of the questions explored during interfaith spiritual guidance sessions. Unlike therapy, there's nothing to fix or solve in these sessions. The focus is on deeply listening to what is stirring within you and calling that forward.

Spiritual guidance, also known as spiritual direction, is an ancient practice in which a trained guide helps you learn the map of your own interior landscape. I am not a guide in a sense of leading you to any predetermined answer. You discover your own answers. My guidance is to shine a light on important things you might overlook and give you a context for what you encounter.

Sometimes that will be an ecstatic discovery of the amazing riches within your own spirit. Other times it may involve the courage to look at unpleasant but necessary territory that must be passed through on the path to wholeness.  While it may be interwoven with personal relationships, work, or your past, it is always in the context of an ever deepening intimacy with the Essence of who you are.

There's a dance going on between you and Life/the Divine, and my role is to help you hear the beat of the music, tune into your own Essence and live more authentically from that frequency.

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How is this work different than psychotherapy or pastoral counseling?

Psychotherapy generally focuses on dealing with various neuroses, pathologies and unconscious material from one's past in order to become a more integrated, healthy adult.

Pastoral counseling is from a particular faith tradition and seeks to facilitate a person's spiritual growth and capacity for handling life issues in the context of that faith tradition.

Spiritual guidance is the art of discerning in one's life the movement of Life/Source/God and discerning how to respond to that movement so as to experience deeper intimacy with the divine and every other aspect of life.

What do you mean by interfaith?

My work is non-sectarian. I am not interested in converting you to any particular faith tradition. My role is to help you notice the authentic stirrings of your own soul. You may attend a worship service weekly, have sworn off organized religion entirely, or have never found it relevant to begin with. Whether you are agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, secular, Muslim, Hindu, questioning, or a series of hyphens (Jewish with a twist of Buddhism and a hint of Sufism), this work is about what's going on in your own spirit.

What if I am a Buddhist, recovering Catholic, Muslim, lesbian, agnostic, or just don't know how to label myself?

Perfect! I love nothing more than to work with people who are passionate about noticing and syncing with the evolving, ever-unfolding, unstoppable Life Force within them, however they label or don't label themselves.

What is your training to do this work?

My training includes completing a Masters of Divinity, a Masters of Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica,  a spiritual direction practicum at the Seminary of the Southwest, and I have a certificate of completion from the Interfaith Spiritual Direction program and the Supervision of Spiritual Directors program at The Chaplaincy Institute. I have been providing professional spiritual guidance since 2005. I am also a member of Spiritual Directors International, which is the professional organization for spiritual guides/spiritual directors, and I have served on the staff of San Francisco Theological Seminary's Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction program.

How long do sessions last?

After an initial phone interview to make sure we are a good fit to work together, the initial "get to know each other" session is generally 60-90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes, everything you say in a session is confidential. This is my commitment to you so that our work together can be honest, deep and not waste time beating around the bush. Confidentiality is also part of the professional code of ethics for spiritual guidance.

Where do sessions take place?

At my office in San Rafael, California, which is located in the center of town between Sun Valley and the West End, or at another office in San Francisco, California. Because hospitality is an important part of any therapy, hot tea is always available.

What is the cost?

The fee is $80 per session (sliding scale available for those with fixed/low incomes).

Most people come once a month. You, however, will decide the appropriate frequency.

What have clients said about working with you?

Check out my page of testimonials.

For more information and to set up an appointment, contact me.