Geese in Formation

Geese are flying south for winter,

Honking air traffic control signals,

Exhorting weary ones to pick up the pace.

How do they find home

without a strategic plan and GPS?

What Invisible Knowing

knows The Way?

What Archer forms the squabble into a single arrow,

and hurls the gaggle into the promise of the empty sky?

As my winter approaches,

Unknowing becomes

the only reliable compass.

My weary wings

surrender to the sky-wedge

of Mystery

and find their rhythm.

Nimbus striving eases into cumulus clarity,

and the flight path of soul truth

comes without effort,

as I glide through the full emptiness,

guided by a Grace I’ve never known


into the headwinds.

Game of Thoughts: Why I'm Giving Up Thinking for Lent

Game of Thoughts: Why I'm Giving Up Thinking for Lent

I’m giving up thinking for Lent…The type of thinking I’m referring to is the compulsive, problem-solving mechanism that always looks for something wrong to fix. It’s the apparatus that plays life as a chess game in which the mind plots three moves ahead of the present moment…In this pattern, which I call “Game of Thoughts”, shifting worries compete for the iron throne of attention.

State of the Union?

State of the Union?

What if I responded to the news from a place of love? Not love as syrupy sentiment, but love as the strongest and only transformational agent. Love, not only for those being hurt by current policies, but love also for those creating and supporting the policies, for their healing and freedom. What if, in my own small way, my work is to subvert and disrupt the status quo with unapologetic, irrepressible, unconditional, indefatigable love?

Why Are We So Angry?

Why Are We So Angry?

The choice before us is a matter for the heart. What will we do with our judgment? Whether it’s a personal mistake or a political policy that hurts the most vulnerable among us, judgment is always lurking, ready to make enemies within and without… We might discover that the idiot over there bears some resemblance to the one we judge within, and find a way to have some compassion for both.

What Season Is It?

What Season Is It?

It seems that we as a species are in a "shoulder season", a time of transition between seasons. We vacillate between what we are becoming and the lesser angels of our past. We are both a fearful, bigoted, selfish lot, and a generous, welcoming, evolving people. And, of course, each of us individually is somewhere on that spectrum, often vacillating between the poles.