That Pig Can Fly

A few weeks ago we attended the Marin County Fair. It was fantastic fun. Chair decorating contests. Bee keepers. Rides. Carnival games. Alpacas and mules. Phenomenal fireworks. And, of course, what would a county fair be without pig races? At a pig race, each section of the audience is assigned a different little piggy for whom to cheer. On the race shown in the video below, each racer was named for a country music star. Our piggy, wearing #4 on a red cape, was named "Julio Hoglesias".  I hope it makes you snort and squeal with delight.

[vimeography id="1"]

Remembering a Dear Friend

This week my friend and former coworker Susan Alexander passed away. I will always cherish her kindness, wisdom, depth, sweet smile of warm welcome, and her dry, sharp wit. Though often reserved and reflective, at any moment, and usually with a straight face, an unexpected comment would cross her lips sending an entire room into uncontrollable laughter. Susan had many words of spot-on wisdom for me over the years. Perhaps no words, however, spoke as clear and true as those she shared during one of our final conversations. At the end of the call, I asked what my partner Herb and I could do for her. Her reply: "Enjoy Life!" I hold those words as both blessing and encouragement from my dear friend and pray that in this new phase of existence she too is enjoying LIFE as never before.