Starfish: A Haiku

Here is a photo I took last week of a starfish washed up on Tennessee Beach just after high tide here in Marin County, California. After spending a few moments admiring its shape, solidity, color, and texture, I tossed it back into the ocean, wishing life and renewal for us both. Below is a haiku inspired by the photo. Please feel free to share any haiku that comes to you as you sit with the photo. (A traditional haiku is 3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables.)

Fallen from the sea,

A starfish rhumbas across

sand, yearning for home. 

P.S. Join us on Saturday, December 1 for a day retreat in which we will focus on the following question: “What is the divine to me now, how has that changed and how is this meaningful to my life today?” For more information and to register, visit the Classes page.