Meditation Sessions

"Gaining enlightenment is an accident. Spiritual practice simply makes us accident-prone." Suzuki Roshi

Showing up for life as your whole self is the work of a lifetime. Becoming more awake and present to life as it is and yourself as you are, can happen in an instant. Whether  your enlightenment happens gradually or in a flash, a regular spiritual practice makes it far more likely.

Spiritual practice is mostly a matter of letting go and making ourselves available for the divine to move within us and as us. Whenever movement occurs, it's a grace, a gift, and often a total surprise. Yet, our awareness of and cooperation with that flow of Life is directly related to regular spiritual practice.

Of all the delicious spiritual practices, meditation is the bread and butter. It's common to every faith tradition and to those with absolutely no faith tradition. It can focus on a mantra, the breath, a chant, an icon, nature, or simply whatever you are feeling in the moment. What is important is not so much the form, but consistency and the intention to let go, wake up and come fully alive.

Group meditation raises spiritual practice to a much higher frequency than one can attain meditating alone. It focuses attention, opens the heart, expands consciousness and taps into a potent collective energy emanating from our common intention.

What do we do in an Interfaith Meditation Session?

  • We prepare for meditation through readings from various faith traditions and spiritual authors, through poetry, music and guided visualization, through art and humor.
  • Then we move into a shared silence that is alive with nourishing spaciousness and creative potential.
  • After a period of silence, we share and laugh and listen in a way that takes us further into our experience rather than becoming a head trip that takes us out of our experience.
  • Most of all, we treat it all as a practice, not a perfection, in which there is no striving or judgment, only learning, openness and friendship with our inner lives, each other, and the Mystery of Life.

If you are interested in this group, please contact me so that I can notify you when we start to meet.